How to get front page of the SBM sites

How To Get Front Page Of The SBM Sites

How to get front page of the SBM sites

How to get front page of the SBM sites

Getting front page of High DA PA SBM sites is not as difficult as it seems. It just needs some planning and attention to some tips. You need to work on the story you are going to submit. Everyone focuses on creating catchy heading and description. Yes, it is needed to draw the attention of visitors but you need to work on several other factors. You have to create first paragraph catchy and interesting as well. It is not actually about first paragraph, you should work on the content or information you are providing in it. Content has always been important and it is said that content is the king. A trash article is like useless and you are not going to get repeated visits.

If you keep posting junk, you will be banned by such SBM sites. The high authority sites are genuine and they only allow genuine marketers to submit their quality content. You have to make it easy for the people to bookmark your site. You can do this by putting bookmarking button at the end of your article that you submit. Users will easily share or bookmark it, if they like it.

Those who use CMS, they add extensions that allow adding high DA PA SBM sites like delicious and digg. Time of submitting your story to such website is also very important. You get 24 hours to get front page and stay there but if you post them at inappropriate time when most of your users are not available online or sleeping, then it can be a waste of time. You should post your story before or at 10 AM so that your users can see you at front page. Hope you like the post, do comment in case of any query.


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